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River Tam
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D I S C L A I M E R S & W A R N I N G

Pre-Serenity River, just for reference, unless otherwise stated on a particular ficlet. Also totally made up and nothing at all to do with Joss Whedon, Summer Glau, Firefly, River's creators, anyone who has copyright to her or the series and not even the kitchen sink. For good measure. This is nothing more than a silly thing for silly purposes by a silly girl. And every time you try and sue, God kills a kitten. You wouldn't hurt the kittens, would you? And he kills two every time a minor looks at something they shouldn't. Since I don't speak Chinese all the words are gleaned from Mandarin Tools and Insult Monger.


Hyper-intelligent child of privilege, the Academy she was enrolled in turned out to be less of a school and more of a torture chamber of unknown experiments. Rescued by her brother Simon, the two went on the lam and consequently came aboard Serenity.

She was correcting her brother's spelling at three and even found errors in his textbooks. Their parents enrolled her in the Academy to give her a more challenging and stimulating education. A few months later, Simon began to recieve strange letters from her and came to the conclusion they were in code. His parents dismissed it as her being playful and him overreacting to her absence. Oh, how wrong they were.

Her brain was operated and experimented on. It was cut into multiple time and she was stripped of her amygdala, the part that filters and controls emotional responses. She can't help but feel everything around her. She is also capable of extraordinary feats - killed three men with three shots blind, snuck upon a bounty hunter's ship without his knowledge, advanced data recall, empathy and some form of psychic ability.

Simon tapped every source in the 'verse to try and get his sister back and was captured by the feds. Gabriel Tam bailed him out and told him to give up the ridiculous mission. Cutting all ties, Simon refused. He made arrangements to kidnap River and succeeded. But now they want their experiment back.

River's mental state presents another problem. Inconsistent and unpredictable, she makes cryptic statements that make sense once deciphered. Simon tries to help her overcome her mental trauma with medication but it only relives her for short periods of time. When in good spirits, she enjoys playing with Kaylee and jokes on the crew. She is, however, potentially very dangerous.

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